Wednesday, September 17, 2008


During the TBA festival, I attended the Forced Entertainment: Quizoola. Which was basically two men with their faces painted like clowns, interrogating each other about absolutely nothing in a supposedly humorous way. It may be due to my naivety when it comes to performance art, or perhaps my over-analytical mind, but I couldn't understand what was the point, or even why they were asking each other questions such as: who was the last person you called? What did you talk about? What is Newton's Law? When was the last time you prayed? Are you an actor? Are you acting right now? These questions, among many others, were asked and answered by the men with their faces painted white, with simple, one-sentence answers that some found entertaining. It was unique, to say the least, and enjoyed by others I'm sure, I just simply couldn't interpret this work of performance art.

-Caitlin Hansen

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