Monday, September 15, 2008

Is Photography Dead?

It seems to me that Peter Plagens has a hard time with the fact that photography is becoming more and more skewed and exotic. I think he's worried that the true essence of a simple picture is going to vanish since we are in such a world that thirsts upon subjects that are not realistic. Many of us want to be apart of a world that is superficial. A visit to the theater and the use of Photoshop takes us to that superficial world of fantasy. Can you think of a time where you had a picture of yourself and wanted to cover up a flaw of any sort? I remember back in the day when I had love handles I would totally crop that part of the picture!!! In all actuality what's so wrong with being natural? It is beautiful! Plagens also suggests that we take a normal beautiful picture and want it to become even more gorgeous. (Oh crap, I should Photoshop some implants and see how it will look on me!) So this really does make you think that photography could be dead. It just depends on how you want to view it.
Sanjana Pahalad

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