Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Khris Soden TBA:08

In looking over the events at the TBA:08 I was immediately drawn to the walking tour of Tilburg.  First of all it sounded like an interesting piece of art to partake in, and secondly I have never traveled to Europe and felt this we would be a great alternative.  It seemingly did fulfill that goal, in that at times when looking at Portland and pictures of Tilburg I felt like I was there.  Khris certainly succeeded in transforming what was in his mind, into a physical reality in ours.  Many people would probably pose the question, why take a make believe tour of a city in another country?  Yes, it was to see the similarities between the two cities, and create a bridge between countries, however there was more to it then that.  This piece of art, just like any other, made the viewer think and interpret.  It was about our reality and other realities, and creating a work of art for all to own.  This experience can't be put on gallery walls, bought for a fee, or put in a book.  It is conceptual and everyone can own the art, this piece will be in my memory forever.   

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