Sunday, September 14, 2008

TBA 08: Zidane, A 21st Century Portrait

On Thursday September 11 I went and saw Zidane, A 21st Century Portrait. The movie was 90 minutes long, which is the length of a professional soccer game ironically. I still have mixed feelings about the movie. It was very boring and dry at moments. The camera was zoomed into his face most of the time. Zidane didn't seem like he was into the game. You miss a lot of action if the camera is focused on one particular thing or person. There was a scene during the movie that showed what was taking place in the world the same days as the soccer game. I thought that was interesting aspect to incorporate into the movie. I'm a huge soccer fan but, this movie didn't really do it for me. On a more positive note, I did get a lot of exercise that night and had a wonderful time enjoying downtown Portland.

Chad Miltenberger

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