Thursday, September 18, 2008

TBA '0-wait

After reading Caitlin's blog down there about the Quizoola "performance", I'm a little relieved that my standing in line for 45 minutes to see Quizoola did not actually result in my viewing the show.  Standing in line for 45 minutes, however, combined with waiting for the following night's musical act Brother and Sister, who were a full hour late getting on stage did lead me to believe that "time based 'art'" requires a lot of time spent waiting.  At the risk of totally missing the point of my attendance to the event, i will say that it was the time i spent either waiting in line or just hanging out drinking beer waiting for a late act that really stuck out to me...I wasted a lot of time waiting around for time based art to happen.

However, I did finally see Brother and Sister play their raucous, dirty music for the seemingly (before I saw the show) modest price of $10.  I love fast, dirty, and loud music.  Just not necessarily by these two yahoos.  They were dressed as cavemen; Sister on drums and Brother on guitar/vocals....The music was far from impressive.  However, I could tell they were having a blast; in fact the chorus to one of their songs, to which the audience was instructed to sing along, was "I'm gonna do something awesome with my life!".  Well, they weren't starting here.  The fun factor was great, but drawing a giant marker-sketch of Jimi Hendrix using a marker taped to the end of your guitar while playing it is something I would have been more impressed seeing in a high school talent show.

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