Monday, September 15, 2008

American Photography

I missed that last video and that is the one I wanted to see the most =(
I thought it was interesting when they talked about the man who took pictures of the Native Americans and made them dress up so they would look more like the "Indians" most people were expecting to see. That kind of relates to the Post Photography article that we read. In that article it talked about being able to alter pictures and I thought the video was a good example to say that people have also done that.
I also really lived the part in the video when they talk about fashion photography. I thought it was funny when the man was talking about watching his wife read a magazine and stop on a picture that he thought was very poorly done, and when he asked why she would stop on that particular page she said because she liked the dress.

The picture I chose is of what used to be the city hall in Bellingham right after it was built in 1893. Today it is the Whatcom museum. The photographer was unknown.

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