Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TBA 08

I saw Mike Daisey's monologue; "If You See Something, Say Something". It was about national security. I didn't really know what to expect. Pretty much the reason I picked to go to it was because in the description of the show it mentioned that he was on NPR and I like NPR.
Anyway I ended up liking it alot. I took my mom and she really liked it too. I wish I could have seen his other performance, Monopoly.
Anyway, in If You See Something, Say Something he told kind of three different stories all relating to the atomic bomb. It was really good and funny.

Also, before the show started there were these two girls sitting in front of us and pretty much out of no where on girl threw a cup of red wine at the other girl then she ran away, the wine thrower, not the victim. The girl was totally covered in red wine, and wine also got on my mom, she was wearing all white too.

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