Monday, September 15, 2008

American Photography

The video American Photography: A Century of Images presented tons of images that were very touching and heartfelt. It made me come to realize how important photography has been through out our lives. The third video presented in the series included the process on how forensics is used by computer imaging to find missing children. If it wasn’t for this process hundreds of children would probably still be missing… Sometimes when we are looking through the covers of magazines displayed at a newspaper stand at the airport, one doesn’t think about the true meaning behind the image. Can you think of a time when perhaps you did that? Photographs are altered in these front covers most of the time to give the audience a perception that is believable. A great example includes the many photographs taken during the O.J. Simpson trial. Some of the photos make Simpson look like a nice guy; others make him look like a scary monster. I must say it’s going to be easier to determine whether or not an image has been altered or not

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