Sunday, September 14, 2008

American Photography: The Power of Photographs...

I was really impressed by the three part series on American Photography. I've always had a large appreciation for photography in my personal life. It helps me connect with my family's past and capture moments that we share in the present. However, I was particularly fascinated by how this series also exposed the social implications of photography. From FDR using a photographic series of images to convince the American public to support his social programs to the media's use of photographs to sell magazines, photography has had a huge impact on our society. I think that this is because photography captures emotion better than many other forms of media. Photography just gives you an image, but you have to come up with the story. It forces you connect with the image and find the message yourself which I think is what makes photography so special.

I chose this picture of a leaf by Ansel Adams because I love the way he can take something so simply and un-manipulated and make it powerful. My favorite landscape artist, he changed the way we thought about the environment and our responsibility to it. His images are grand and probe a sense of awe and wonder, making me feel small in comparison. I'm glad that the film showcased his work and his contribution to the environmental movement. - Tayler Black

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