Saturday, August 30, 2008

Art... Technology.. yada yada...

This creative, design student came up with an idea for a "Buggy Rollin'" suit, and designed it. It evolved through several stages and now contains 31 wheels and allows the wearer to skate in almost unlimited positions.

Here is one video of it...

My favorite video of it though is this one, but it does not allow embedding in the page like the previous, so, click the link! ;)
Swiss Pass 2

You can see more of Jean Yves Blondeau's Buggy Rollin' at his YouTube page at Buggy Rollin

As a side note, you will see Buggy Rollin' in the new comedy movie "YES" starring Jim Carrey. You can see a trailer for that, here, YES

Also, another fun Art / Technology video is a Time Based video by Sony, advertising one of their new televisions. Filmed in NYC with clay rabbits, excellent work!

And, one more for fun, a "Human Skateboard", done with stop-motion animation.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Free Bibliography Creator : EasyBib

Here is another free Bibliography creator you might try as well, it is called EasyBib.


Just click on "Click Here To Select A Source", click on the resource type you are using, (Newspaper, Website, Book, etc), and plug in your data.

It's fairly self-explanatory once you get started!

Hope that helps!


art & technology

Now that you are here....

I wanted to clarify your homework assignments. Next Wednesday, September 3rd, you will need to turn in a reading log for the Post Photography reading by Murien, which I handed out the first day in class. This is a written response, not a blog log. In your response, remember to include a question you would pose to the class about that particular read. The first blog log you need to turn in will be for the three part video series, American Photography (In a few days I'll post to the blog about what I would like you to do for this first blog log, along with links). The first blog entry is due Monday Sept 15th...we have to get through all three sections before you can respond. The reading I gave you at our last class, Art in the Age of Mass Media by Walker, was just so you would have it a little beforehand. That reading will be a written response, combining all three chapters in the one page response. That reading log for Walker is due on Sept 8th.

One tidbit to remember, most of the videos will be responded to on the blog and handouts are typically going to be reading log responses.

And...if you have some websites you believe would be appropriate for the links section, send them my way. The links are still under construction....meaning I will add to them probably most of the term. That'll keep you on your toes.

Zotero - Great tool for Research

Hey guys! So I promised I would post a link to get Zotero. It is a snap in for Firefox and it is really handy. You can take snap shots of the pages you are looking at, it saves the link to get back to the page, AND it will even create your bibliography for you.

Disclaimer: The bibliography is not always perfect. Make sure to double check it. For example, in the MLA style, it will put 'Anonymous' when no author is listed. As we all know, when there is no author listed, you omit it all together.

Hope this helps you all in your research en devours.

Make sure you read the quick start guide. It really helps when you are first starting.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Now that the Olympics are over, we can get down to business

I don't know about you, but I'm glad it's over. I spent too many nights over the past two weeks staying up late to watch supposed underage Chinese gymnasts, Spanish basketball players, and a bolt of lightning. I guess the HD had me mesmerized. This is only the second time we've had HD Olympics (winter 2006). In 1964, I'm sure there are many who can recall being plum happy to see the first Olympic games broadcast in color. changes rapidly and keeps us buying gadgets and swimmers keep having to buy new swimsuits to keep up with the gold. We're living in an age where the next best thing is right around the corner, everyday. Art is part of this roller coaster, being redefined by technology, almost to a point where it seems pointless to even bring up the technology used to create it. Five years ago it was cutting edge, today it is just the standard. Anyway, go team USA.....and the rest of the world for that matter, because we're all connected in ways we could have never imagined back when the tv was just a b/w screen.

BTW, this is the welcome wagon for FA331.....enjoy the class.