Saturday, August 30, 2008

Art... Technology.. yada yada...

This creative, design student came up with an idea for a "Buggy Rollin'" suit, and designed it. It evolved through several stages and now contains 31 wheels and allows the wearer to skate in almost unlimited positions.

Here is one video of it...

My favorite video of it though is this one, but it does not allow embedding in the page like the previous, so, click the link! ;)
Swiss Pass 2

You can see more of Jean Yves Blondeau's Buggy Rollin' at his YouTube page at Buggy Rollin

As a side note, you will see Buggy Rollin' in the new comedy movie "YES" starring Jim Carrey. You can see a trailer for that, here, YES

Also, another fun Art / Technology video is a Time Based video by Sony, advertising one of their new televisions. Filmed in NYC with clay rabbits, excellent work!

And, one more for fun, a "Human Skateboard", done with stop-motion animation.


Spring said...

So the rollin buggy, I have to admit it kind of blew my mind watching it. Then I started to get kind of a creepy feeling when I realized that some of his positions reminded me of those person-motorcycle hybrids from the movie Return to Oz. They had wheels for hands and at the time it kind of gave me the heebie jeebies.
On a side note, I like to get the heebie jeebies, so thanks for the viewing.

Stephen J. Nesbit said...

Awesome >_<

I gave someone the heebie jeebies.. my mission in life is complete!!