Wednesday, September 3, 2008

TBA:08 is Here

The time is here to participate/view/enjoy/ponder time based art at TBA:08. It all begins tomorrow with a FREE gala opening at Leftbank. You'll have a chance to rub shoulders with hot sweaty artists as they disco down the dance floor. If you really want to rev up the fun, how about participating in a happening inspired and arranged by Anna Halprin? This will be the pre-opening event that will set the stage for the night. You can strut your stuff, wearing white of course, while you carry a blank placard from PNCA in the Pearl District across the Broadway bridge to the opening at Leftbank. (Those folks in the photo look enthusiastic, don't they?) You'll be the envy of your friends when you tell them you were the art! Of course you can always just watch this happening happen. A good viewing spot will be the east side of the Broadway Bridge, allowing you to jump in if you feel the urge. In the past, many of these "TBA parades" have been a spectacle.

Any shuttle riders out there? I'm in the process of finding out the times/dates it will be leaving WSU. There is limited space. So send me an email if you need a lift. Also feel free to set up carpools using the blog....if you're heading over and want some company, put 'er on the site.

Okay, I'll give you more TBA tips in the upcoming days. I'm all about the "free".

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