Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zotero - Great tool for Research

Hey guys! So I promised I would post a link to get Zotero. It is a snap in for Firefox and it is really handy. You can take snap shots of the pages you are looking at, it saves the link to get back to the page, AND it will even create your bibliography for you.

Disclaimer: The bibliography is not always perfect. Make sure to double check it. For example, in the MLA style, it will put 'Anonymous' when no author is listed. As we all know, when there is no author listed, you omit it all together.

Hope this helps you all in your research en devours.

Make sure you read the quick start guide. It really helps when you are first starting.


a teacher said...

you rock Spring, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Spring! Hope you feel better!

And thanks for the link! Always good to have some handy tools saved to fav's ;)