Thursday, August 28, 2008

Now that you are here....

I wanted to clarify your homework assignments. Next Wednesday, September 3rd, you will need to turn in a reading log for the Post Photography reading by Murien, which I handed out the first day in class. This is a written response, not a blog log. In your response, remember to include a question you would pose to the class about that particular read. The first blog log you need to turn in will be for the three part video series, American Photography (In a few days I'll post to the blog about what I would like you to do for this first blog log, along with links). The first blog entry is due Monday Sept 15th...we have to get through all three sections before you can respond. The reading I gave you at our last class, Art in the Age of Mass Media by Walker, was just so you would have it a little beforehand. That reading will be a written response, combining all three chapters in the one page response. That reading log for Walker is due on Sept 8th.

One tidbit to remember, most of the videos will be responded to on the blog and handouts are typically going to be reading log responses.

And...if you have some websites you believe would be appropriate for the links section, send them my way. The links are still under construction....meaning I will add to them probably most of the term. That'll keep you on your toes.

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