Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TBA:08 No passport needed

Have you ever wanted to see the world but didnt want to leave your back yard? In Khris Soden Portland tour of Tilburg you are transported to Tilburg a city in the Netherlands. it first started by leaving the train station in Tilburg, traveled around the city and ended up back at our starting point. I first got there and and met Khris, introduced my self and explained that i was a a student at WSU. He said that he usually did not address this but did explain that some tools he used in creating this were Google maps to over lay the cities and email to communicate to his friends in Tilburg, and a digital camera for the photos in his supplement book.
On the tour we wound our way around downtown portland stopping at point of interest and specific buildings. Khis had mentioned before we left that we could take the book of pictures with us or not because then we could have a different experience. I took the book so that i could get a sense of what Tilburg was like. One thing i notice right away was that as we were walking people would look at us an wonder what we were doing, it was great. I even felt like i was part of the performance. One lady even came up to us and asked if we were on a city tour. On of the other "tourist" said we were on a tour of a city in Holland, Im not sure that she understood. What was a interesting coincidence is how some buildings lined up like the Hilton in portland, was where the Church was in Tilburg, or the Scottish Statue was, represented by a parking meter. The whole tour which was his first performance was about 1.25 hours. He has plans to do a Tilburg tour of portland. It would be interesting to know what the locals there think of the City of Roses.

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