Sunday, September 14, 2008

Low Art versus High Art

This upcoming week we'll ruffle some feathers in class discussing high/low art. As you've already read in the Walker article, media arts (video, photo, those that can be reproduced) are the low arts...versus painting and sculpture being high art. Is this b*7llsh&t....

So bring in an example of high and low art, to facilitate discussion. It's really up to you what you bring in. We'll look at student examples on Monday and Wednesday. Two of my examples are above, a Marlboro ad and a Marlboro ad that Richard Prince rephotographed. Now before you get all bent out of shape when you look at Prince's image, think about it. What do you think Prince was trying to convey by re-photographing that ad? Some will say brilliant, others may say fraud, but I guarantee he'll get a rise out of most of us. If you'd like some insight about his work and want to see the most expensive photo at auction (which was by Prince) priced at 1.25 million, read this.

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