Friday, November 14, 2008

Shorts I

I attended the 9pm viewing of Shorts I last night at the Portland Art Museum. You would have thought from the parking situation that there were a lot of people there. Much to my surprise it was for the film, Selfless, before Shorts I. In all there may have been about 20 people for the shorts. They were hit and miss for me, I found myself only enjoying about three of the shorts.
The highlight of the shorts may have been what the guy behind me said after the conclusion of one, "Are you kidding me?" My sentiments exactly.


Highlight of my evening was crashing the Selfless After-party to see Storm Large. The snacks were nummy and even though it was a no-host bar, I did manage to get some pretentious film student to buy me a couple of vodka martini's.
Hurray for heels in Portland!
But having been a fan of Storm's for a couple of years, I was willing to smile and nod at the jerk of a film student.

Spring Atkinson

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