Sunday, November 9, 2008


The Koyannisquatsi video was very interesting, it provoked thought and discussion. Although a lot of that discussion was negative, the video still inspired people to look at things differently. The beginning of the video was a little slow, but in any film you have to build a background and story line. As they started to add more objects to the screen, the storyline became fleshed out.

The part that I liked the most were the city scenes with all of the cars flashing by. The first thing that I thought of was it looks like a blood stream and all the little cars are blood vessels. The city was being shown as a living thing; the lines that the traffic make through the dark screen were pulsating and always moving. I believe that this movie was not only about showing people the destruction that they have caused, but also the beauty that they are missing as they put their heads down and follow their daily routine.
-Racheal Johnson-

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