Sunday, November 9, 2008


I thought that the film was an interesting and captivating experience that I am glad to have been exposed to. However, I believe that this film is one that I would not be able to, nor would I have any desire of seeing it again. It's delivery and impact are both good and placed me in an almost dreamlike state as I watched, this is what saved it from being boring although multiple viewings would no doubt lose this effect. The most interesting thing about the film for me is that it allowed me to make a realization about the way that I view mankind. I am in a constant state of flux, constantly wavering between being disgusted by humanity, and being in love with it. During the scenes that showed the environmental impact that our species has had on the planet is sickening, and yet seeing the awe inspiring mass production of products and the monumental structures that we have built makes me proud of our accomplishments. This conflict makes me wonder, what would happen if we turned our ability for industry and massive projects towards the restoration of the earth?

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