Monday, November 10, 2008


OK so i went over this in class so it may sound familiar. At first it was interesting the American landscape, the music, but then is kind of got a little long. So my mind kind of drifted and my eye lids got heavy. It was dark and i really hadn't been getting a lot of sleep since i started school. So it was hard to stay awake. But once I got what they were trying to do it kept my attention. What I got from it was a story of the evolution of the western civilization. It starts out in the wild untamed nature, progresses through the technological advances into society into the future and beyond. What I did find interesting is in the middle when it show the people, it started slow moved to normal speed and then into super speed and then made the progression back down. Also how it compared the surface of the earth to the surface of the microchip/circuit board. All in all it was a good film a little lite on the dialog(had to make a joke), but other than that very memorable experience.

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