Sunday, November 16, 2008

Question for the class, Post Photography by Mary Marien

Tayler Black asks this question of the "Post Photography" reading: do you think art will continue to change by embracing new technologies such as digital photography, art installations, and the internet?


Matthew Wright said...

I like this question. It asks "where is this all going?" I believe that all formats are converging into a single completely immersive experience that will be holograms eventually. It seems a long way off, and ridiculous at best to even think about it right now, but to control an atmosphere completely in terms of visuals, motion, interaction, textural feel, possibly even smell and taste, seems to be the ultimate goal of the world of art. The more levels of technology upon technology, detail upon detail, many artists could be involved in creating a world of interactive holographics.

k. now i feel silly for even mentioning this startreky idea. lol.

i don't even like startrek....

Matthew Wright

Gramr1066 said...

This is indeed an interesting question. Really we can already see the foreshadowing of a future change in the way art is communicated and spread. Social networking services like YouTube and MySpace have veritably revolutionized the way in which contemporary art is spread. It seems that artists no longer have to wait for their 'big break' these days; one simply posts his work on YouTube or MySpace and waits for his cult status to grow. In this way it seems that we're moving away from the slick corporate ethos associated with mass media a decade ago an are entering into something more folk oriented. But, this being said, it is impossible to predict the future, is it not?

-Bryce VanHoosen-