Monday, November 17, 2008

NW Film Festival - Politics of Sand

I think I may be the only one from class who went to see Politics of Sand, which was the only thing I could fit in to my schedule... A film about the fight to keep Oregon's coast and beaches fully pubic, which took place in the 60's, Politics of Sand was an informative piece that told the stories of various organizations and political figures as they debated the property rights of those owning property on the coast. Though at times boring and seemingly nit-picky, there were definitely moments of excitement and it seemed a general interest from the audience. There were appearances and interviews with some of the politicians from that time who were involved, which helped. I walked in to the film not even knowing that there ever was a debate over this topic in Oregon. But I left having a far better understanding of not only the importance of the state's coastline, but in my opinion, how crazy (and selfish) we can be with something that doesn't even belong to us.

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