Monday, November 17, 2008

Extra Credit Opp for November

I've gone beyond what I had planned on allowing as extra credit opps, but I know a few of you are struggling to catch up and missed the chances you had, so I'm giving one last chance for extra credit for the month of November. Again, it requires you seeing actual work at a gallery, and it is in Portland. (Sorry if you missed your local event for DTC in Vancouver.) One thing that is not changing, you cannot earn more than 5 points extra credit points for the visual events you attend (early turn in of the final paper is not a visual event, so essentially with that and two extra credit events/reviews, you can pull your grade up 7.5 points).

This last opp is a continuation of the Video Trifecta at Quality Pictures located at 916 NW Hoyt in Portland's Pearl district. This month the show is Video and Vodkas, which is available for purchase as a dvd released by J&L Books. J&L is a small independent press that publishes artists books and videos. Jason Fulford is one of the founders of J&L and he's built up a solid reputation in the art world, especially in "photo land". If you're interested in artist books and small publications, take a look at what they've done.

You are required to turn in your one page review no later than December 1st. Please attach some form of proof that you attended the show (gallery card, cell phone pics, a note from your mother, etc.)

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