Sunday, November 16, 2008

Power of YouTube.

YouTube is a blessing and a disguise. We can watch, post, and learn great things about others, at the same time there are evil and, sometimes, very disturbing images that shouldn't ever be burned in our brains, let alone have them become famous for it. But if you want to become publicly humiliated by it, so be it, I will still laugh. But where does the line cross? People who have a half a brain shouldn't put posts up of beatings because they find it humorous. I wouldn't want to be part of that thinking process.

Sophia Stalliviere

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Michael said...

Don't you mean blessing in a disguise? I thought you were being clever at first, thinking you were going to continue with how the ability to post videos anonymously may deteriorate a person's sense of decency.

And while I'm here, I want to disagree with you on some points you made. I think the thinking process is everything, and I would neither want to be part of that which may drive me to find humor in videos of beatings. However, and this may just be a misunderstanding, but I should say it nonetheless, if someone happens to videotape a beating, for example, that was done by police to a citizen that didn't deserve it, and it was later discovered by someone and posted on youtube, I think that would be one of the few most logical things to do. Act as your own journalist. The police of whatever city have already demonstrated that they aren't the type you'd want to go to with that video, and so why would you give it to a media entity first and let them take all the credit, or worse, not show the whole thing and take it out of context? I'm not saying the media is evil, but what drives them is the same thing that drives all of us. Food in our stomachs and a place to rest our heads at night. If taking a video out of context or insinuating certain things things that aren't immediately apparent from the raw video will get them that extra million viewers, then that's just what they'll do.