Sunday, November 16, 2008

Question for the class, Art in the Age of Mass Media

Shawn Kepfer brings up an interesting question to ponder....while you're still wrapping your brain around terminology that has the suffix of ism.

What constitutes mass media? The individuals that makeup the antithesis of mass media, also create their own system or group. By definition is this group not part of the mass media? Who decides and defines who and what the mass media is?

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Paul Amaral said...

The idea of mass media is defined and controlled by those that label items or works as such. The world of fine art may define what is considered mass media, but by excluding those items from artistic consideration and instead only considering certain things that fulfill their criteria, in a way they have created their own "art world mass media". This does not, however, mean that a work should not be judged and measured for its qualities. On the other hand, it does mean that no work should be discredited of artistic value based on its origin. As usual, this merely means that each work should be evaluated based on its individual qualities, once again leaving the responsibility with each individual viewer.