Sunday, October 5, 2008

So the Robert Frank video was a little weird especially the lady that painted him, but it was a fish. Back to what i was saying, his paintings are a glimpse in to the unspoken America, the parts of america that we dont like to talk about. Like Arbus he was consitrated on the part of america that was kept hush hush. Trying to bring a face to them. I have heard that some of his work was out of focus which i dont notice but then again maybe i too am out of focus. Or maybe i want to sound witty. What is interesting is that he did have some tragedy in his life and that can shape who we are and how we think.
Nan Goldin in the same way gave us a look into her personal life, it was described as voyeuristic. The photos showen on the video were of her and her lovers, and friends. The photos them selves show the vunirable states that her subjects were in. Alot of her photos are of intimate moments in time. Which creates a closeness with the modles even thought we do not know them.

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