Sunday, October 5, 2008

Robert Frank Photo

In witnessing Robert Frank's photography, I realized one must admire and appreciate him for what he did, even if you don't like his work.  On a personal note, I think he was very innovative and revolutionary in his purpose.  After looking at a number of Frank's work, I noticed what appears to be almost a recipe in the structure of his work.  The majority of his photos are black and white, with blurred, or out of focus content.  Frank is seemingly showing us that life is not black and white, there are always the blurred, or gray areas that we deal with.  Most of his pictures seem to be the "shoot from the hip"type, however, the content he chose was deep and well thought out.  By using his camera as the powerful tool it can be, Frank showed people what some already knew, and others didn't want to see.  He wanted to open more doors.  I really like this picture by Robert Frank.  With the black sky, the unidentifiable shapes and spots in the background, and the sand in the foreground, a scifi depiction is felt.  After closer examination I was able to see that it's a man, possibly homeless, asleep on the beach.  Here Frank shows the viewer a level of status and life that they most likely have never experienced.  

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