Sunday, October 12, 2008

Midterm Response

In writing my midterm I made note of Julia Sher and her work.  To me, her work is provacative and imposing, and is very powerful conceptually.  The means in which she uses surveillance in her video installations, quite literally exposes the dominance within surveillance.  Her installations, through which visitors can view themselves, spy on, or reversly be spyed on, creates the experience of what surveillance is, and the irony of it all.  For anyone wanting to experience something similar, I suggest going to the Chuck E. Cheese in the Vancouver Plaza.  I know it sounds funny but they have a whole system of cameras and monitors, through which the children can watch live video of themselves and other people in the restaurant.  You can even control the view of a camera which is shown on a TV visible to everyone.  Overall, it makes you think about surveillance, and how you are constantly being watched everyday.

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a teacher said...

good to know that pop culture in a kid's arcade can also play into art. now i have something to pay attention to besides that bad pizza when i go there again.