Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gregory Crewdson Production

Upon viewing Gregory Crewdson's work I was immediatley fascinated and drawn to it.  The extent at which a whole production is created, much like a movie, is quite astounding.  The difference is, Crewdson has the ability to create a whole entire story in a single image rather then a film.  His work does indeed have a mysterious, and creepy vibe to it.  It intertwines the comfortable and uncomfortable, and the familiar and unfamiliar.  In an almost mystical way Crewdson brings the viewer into the piece, confronting them with something disturbing.  Therefore, the viewer is forced to engage and interpret the content.  In a way he's making people confront and analyze their own fears.  I chose the above image because of its appeal and familiarity. The image below it is from the film No Country For Old Men, which has a very similar look and feel.  In fact, I swear the small town shot in Crewdson's piece is the same setting from No Country, in which the villiam blows up a car outside of a pharmacy.  In all it appears to be a mishap in Anywhere U.S.A.
What is more powerful, film or photography?

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a teacher said...

great comparison. wonder if crewdson and the coen brothers draw on one another for inspiration?