Monday, October 13, 2008

Crewdson, Wall, and Baldessari

So I really liked the Gregory Crewdson piece. This photos are so elaborate and detailed that it is like he is shooting a film, but that film only recorded an instant in time. The way he use light and shadow reminds me of and idealized scifi movie or show. Also the fact that he use some older technology to take his photo shows that he is able to interpret his concept and change his surrounding to meet that need. I feel that he could make the switch to cinema and it would be an easy transition. Jeff Wall had some real ground breaking ideas. It made me think back to Richard Prince and how he photographed a photograph. the only difference is that Wall is actually recreating his photos in some case compositing them together. Where as Prince just took a picture and did some editing. Baldessari was a very interesting individual, he had an interesting perspective to his art, and the way it was presented.

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