Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gregory pretty much a badass.

At first when watching the video about this artist I wondered to myself if he was circumventing part of the difficulty in photography by creating his scenes. Then I realized that is exactly what he (and that enormous crew) are doing and its awesome! I love the way so much of the work captures light. Coming from the engineering dept before switching to DTC I still have a fascination with physics in general and light in particular. Light is such a paradox in so many ways: constant relative speed, wavelike in nature and yet also particle like. The particles are apparently massless and yet they (photons) are particles so it seems mass must exist in at least some infinitesimally small amount. It is mind-blowing how so many of Gregory Crewdson's photographs capture this ethereal 'substance' and make it stand still for you to observe.

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