Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Neal Medlyn Experience LIVE! TBA 08

I went to the Neal Medlyn Experience Live as part of the TBA 08 Festival assignment. He pretty much recreated the Beyonce Experience Live DVD. It was hilarious because the DVD was made in Los Angeles so when he came out he was referring to everyone as if we were in LA. He never got out of character and his back-up dancers, which were also his all female band (2 guys), even came out with a birthday cake at the end while the audience joined them in singing Happy Birthday to "Beyonce". I'm a die hard Beyonce fan so this was so much fun. I have never even heard of this festival and I've lived in the Portland-Vancouver area all my life. That's pretty sad! 

Anyhoo, here is a video for you all to enjoy!

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a teacher said...

see, art doesn't have to be painful, it can just be funny.

glad you enjoyed the performance and had a chance to see some work "celebrating" Beyonce's work. What is the saying....copying is a form of flattery?

Spring said...

I am so sorry I ended up missing this show, I did put it on my list. How about Our Hit Parade next Friday? It sounds brilliant.