Friday, September 12, 2008

American Photography: A Century of Images

After watching this series, I look at images in a new light. The impact that photographs have on how we look at the past, judge the future, see the world and other cultures is amazing. Photographs have contributed to how we see each other and ourselves. Photography has helped us capture the beauty of our surroundings, as well as see the ugliness. Images are how we remember moments and objects; I loved when they talked about humans thinking with imagery because it is so true. Also, photography and images have made our media what it is today. The media arose through images of instances in time and people, this is also how many stereotypes have been created. People looking at pictures of other people leads themselves to compare and contrast, either choosing to assimilate to the portrayed "norm" or building unique images of themselves.
My question is, do you think that video footage is more insightful than a photograph because you can actually see the event occurring?

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