Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How to create a slideshow with Picasa Web Albums.... a simple (?) set of instructions!

By the way, if you are going to use Picasa Web Albums like Alexis and I both did, you will want to do a couple things. Once you have chosen your images, open up Picasa Web Albums, and click on UPLOAD near the top-center of the page.

A window pops up, and you can click CREATE A NEW ALBUM. Give the album a title, a date, and a description if you want. Also at the bottom of the window is the option to have the images public or private, make sure that is set to PUBLIC. The next screen lets you browse your computer and select up to 5 images. Once you have selected your first 5, click UPLOAD. Then choose 5 more! Repeat as needed.

After you have all of them uploaded, click on the MY PHOTOS tab in the top left corner of the page. You will now see your album listed! Click it to open it up. Click on the first picture to open it up. Once you have it open, you can click below the picture to give it a caption. This is where you can identify "Define Artistic Equipment", etc. So that the viewer knows what they are looking at. Type in your caption, and click SAVE CAPTION. Then click the RIGHT ARROW key above the picture to go to the next picture in the album, again, create a caption, save it, and repeat.

Once all images are captioned and ready to rock, you can click on MY PHOTOS, re-open the album, and at the far right side of the screen, click next to the chain-link icon that says "LINK TO THIS ALBUM", and right below that appears "EMBED SLIDESHOW", click that.

A new window pops up with more settings for the slide show. Due to the size and structure of the blog we are posting in, don't use anything larger than 400px for the size of the slide show. Anything larger and it "breaks" when you view it in the blog.

So, now that you have the size set to "Large 400px", click on "SHOW CAPTIONS", then copy the text that appears in the EMBED SLIDE SHOW window at the bottom. Simply double click the text in that section and it should all highlight, then copy it, switch over to the blog site, and make a NEW POST, and paste the text into the page.

You can click PREVIEW at the top to make sure it works before hitting SUBMIT.

That should do it!

Hope that helps, I heard someone asking about the full procedure the other day, so I thought I would share!

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