Wednesday, September 10, 2008

American Photography A Century of Images-Instructions

Singing Children, Pie Town, New Mexico. October 1940, photo by Russell Lee

Your blog entry for the American Photography videos is due on September 15th. For this blog entry I would like you to write a couple of paragraphs about your perspective on the three part series. You do not have to summarize the videos, just tell "the blog" what struck you and made you reconsider photography's role in our society. I would also like you to include a photograph that refers to the videos. (The photo does not have to be one that was shown in the videos.) In your blog entry, include a couple of sentences about why you chose the image you did.

A good place to start looking for images is through the Library of Congress' website. These are images that belong to "we the people". Which is pretty cool when you consider so many well known photographers are part of this collection (brings up the notion of low versus high art, because these images are accessible to the masses and are reproduced). Make sure to include the photographer's name and date/title with the image. You should also take the time to look at the companion website for the videos at PBS.

Please label your post "American Photography", which will allow me to more easily find and grade all your entries. This is important, don't forget.

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