Sunday, September 7, 2008

Extra Credit Opp

Here is your first chance for some extra credit....this month at the New American Art Union in Portland, there is a show that ties in nicely with the recent assigned chapter from Mary Murien's book, Photography, A Cultural History. Ethan Jackson is an artist who works with photography, sculpture, and video, but what is especially of interest (ties into the article) is the camera obscura work. The camera obscura is basically the foundation for all cameras and has been around perhaps as far back as 1300. Click now, for everything you ever wanted to know about the camera obscura. The camera obscura probably played a role in this painting (don't assume everything is/was hand drawn in a painting, some of the best artists used drawing aids like the obscura). Go see Jackson's work and write a one page synposis of the show, also include postcards or support materials to prove you were there. You need to turn this in to me by October 6th. His work will be up until October 5th at NAAU. If by chance you'd rather go to a different gallery and see his work, well you're in luck, it is also being shown at Gallery Homeland until September 27th. Certainly worth a peek for inspiration and as a means of seeing "everything old is new again".

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