Sunday, September 21, 2008

It Will Not Go Gently Into the Good Night

Is Photography Dead?
I think not.
While the advancement of technology has allowed every person to pick up a camera become a photographer, I do not believe all great photographs just happen. True, there are the right time-right place photos that even my daughter can capture with her Fisher Price pink camera. But there are many photos that must be created in order for them to be exceptional.
With the advancement of technology the ability to manipulate photographs has become as easy as point and click. While this allows the average photographer to create a more perfect picture, it also allows the "truth" to be removed from the photo. And according to Plagens, art and truth are friends. While this may be a simple concept, I perfer to look at art the same way.
While both types of photos have their own merit, I do like the good old fashioned, what shows up on the film is what you get mentality.
Do you believe that the Photoshop fairytale is just as valid as the original photo?

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