Sunday, September 21, 2008

Is Photography Dead?

I think that the photograph will never be something of the past. Until we are able to record memories and moments of our history in some other instant format, the photograph will be around for a while still. The new technologies that are now available to manipulate these images are still growing as well as lending themselves to the masses. When people that have no “artistic” skill with a pencil or paint brush are able to create a masterpiece with a camera and computer, we are opening the doors for genius. I am sure that when the great artists of our history were beginning, their work was questioned and second-guessed. With every individual that picks up a camera there is a chance to capture that artistic genius that so defines the art world. So, is photography dead? Not possible, I believe photography is just beginning to reach the state of real art and creativity. You are now able to paint with a computer and sculpt with the help of machines; does that mean that these mediums are no longer considered works of art?

-Racheal Johnson-

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