Sunday, September 21, 2008

Peter Plagens - Is Photography Dead?

I chose this picture because it's intriguing and mysterious, and completely manipulated by digital tech.

Many would respond to this question with a resounding yes, which is consequently due to digital technology.  However, in reading Peter Plagens article, the he presents evidence that would support the "no" answer.  In retrospective, he presents it so that if it photography is dead, technology in not necessarily the cause.  Certainly since the merge of digital technology and photography, the medium has changed for both good and bad.  Plagens questions whether it has, "fractured itself beyond all recognition?"  I on the other hand feel the medium is naturally evolving and developing, its current status is simply a part of that.  Since the beginning of photography people have manipulated it, so what's being done is basically a new twist on earlier methods.
In this digital age, most people are now aware of what's being done, and take caution in what they believe.  This is an unfortunate outcome of the medium's evolution.  If photos can't act as documentation of the truth, then believe what you know.  What's happening now is a new way to use and develop the medium.  Photography's flight into the fable was inevitable, digital technology just steered it in that direction.  We can be certain however, it would've happened with or without digital tech.   

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