Monday, September 22, 2008

Is Photography Dead?

I don't think that photo is dead i just think it has evolved. The old contact sheets, dark rooms and negatives are definitely not as common as they once were but the true die hard fans still hold a special place for them. One of Plagens argument is that photos once told the truth by capturing what was in front of that lens, but with the advance in digital technology the truth can be edited out, or created all on its own. What is truth when it comes to photos? The fact is we are able to see more with digital camera then we were through the view finder. We are able to capture an image and see more detail just by zooming in. One can argue that the land scape of photography has changed, but I think that the advance in technology was to make our lives easier. Film was replaced by the memory card so we could store more in a small space. Plagens says that it is what caused photograph to pass away and may be lost unless we can reconnect.

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