Sunday, September 21, 2008

Is Photography Dead?

I don't think photography is dead. I think there is and always will be an appreciation for the photograph. However, the Newsweek article mentioned in regard to photography, "You can't help but wonder if the entire medium hasn't fractured itself beyond all recognition." I think that some people may think the art of a still, unaltered photograph is dead and that photoshopping and someway manipulating an image is where the art of photography is today. The basic photographs that past photographers have been known for are very basic and therefore some people think lack quality and artistic ability. We live in a society where people always want more. So pictures need to be more exotic and creative to satisfy viewers of today. With new digital technology, it has created so many different styles of photographs. Instead of fighting to keep its head above water don't you think photography should learn to float?

Chad Miltenberger

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