Friday, October 3, 2008

Robert Frank and Nan Goldin Video Response

As you can see, the style of Robert Frank(top picture) and Nan Goldin(bottom picture) were very different but still captured the raw essence of life.

I thought the video was very interesting in the sense that Robert Frank was a simple photographer. His pictures captured the essence of what life was like for people. He didn't just show the upper class citizens of America, he showed all types and that's why I think his photos were so powerful. He also displayed the talent of how influential photography was because it said in the movie, "he didn't mean to present political messages with his book, but did." This was in reference to his book The Americans. Frank was very good at using pictures to document his life. The other half of the movie about Nan Goldin was a little more interesting. She definitely had a different approach to her photos. But similar to Robert Frank, she also used what was happening in her actual life to tell her story. Her style was more aimed at sexuality and love. Both Robert Frank and Nan Goldin are greatly talented and successful in my eye because they both execute the style of still images so well. The pictures are simple yet tell such a story. Do you think the power of still images has been smothered by the bombardment of digital mediums?

Chad Miltenberger

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