Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Photo Blogs, Internet Sensations, Etc.

I'm not going to tell you how to blog, you already know that because you're doing it for this class.  But I want to refer you to some well respected photo blogs (and some ramblers) that photographers/artists refer to (often for their own blogs).

APE (a photo editor).  Primarily for editorial/commercial photographers from the perspective of an industry pro.

Conscientious- a photo blog for those interested in what is happening in photography along with the artists that make photographs.

I heart photograph, the name says it all.  Links to contemporary artists working in photography. books, the low income collectors of photography

Shane Lavalette....young photographer who keeps a steady flow rolling on the blog

Cara Phillips.  The everyday trials of making art and staying in the market, as written by an artist.

Shoot the Blog.  Okay, the blog is over....example of how fragile the business of photography is. But you can access the new blog here, by Rachel Hulin

40 Watt...local folk, written by Shawn Records...making a name for the Portland photo scene. Especially nice when wondering what kind of images come up on google when using the search term "awesome" or "shame spiral".    He's also one of the people responsible for the Photolucida blog

Magnum...not just a blog but probably one of the best websites for photography in terms of listening and seeing why photographers do what they do.  Take some time and watch the magnum in motion photo essays.  

and then just to show how blogs and websites make this world very small....a former DTC student of mine has found internet fame with a project she did for my class, which is causing a big debate.  Go Nina!

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